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This page briefly describes Satellite Internet and the components of a satellite telecommunication terminal. The word terminal refers to the fact that the antenna and it's components can transmit and receive to and from a satellite in space. Prodelin Antenna 10 12 14 foot 3 3.8 4 4.2 5 meter satellite

 Channel Master prime and offset antenna

Satellite Internet-Wikipedia 

Basics-Frequencies -Bands

ODU (outdoor unit)-Wikipedia 

The ODU mainly refers to the satellite dish antenna along with other components we will discuss further down this page. (Up converter, down converter, Power Amplifier, Low Noise Amplifier and the OMT).

VSAT Systems - Very small aperture terminal-Wikipedia

HTS Systems - High Throughput Satellite (HTS) systems-Wikipedia


Satellite Dish Antenna 

Our Rx/Tx (Receive / Transmit) satellite dish antenna sizes range from .75 cm up to 21 meter. 

The size of the satellite antenna (dish) limits the amount of data you can carry over a circuit.   Large OFFSET Dish Antenna size and amplifier power is a complicated calculation based upon the terminal location relative to the satellite power footprint and it's frequency band. There can be a trade off between a smaller dish and high power amplifier or larger dish and low power amplifier. 

Link budget - A link budget calculates the power and antenna size required to provide the desired level of bandwidth to a specific site. The site is based upon the site location, satellite in use, and size/type of equipment at the Hub/teleport.

A teleport is the earth station that controls communications across the space link-Wikipedia


 6 foot 1.8 meter and 8 foot 2.4 meter high gain satellite dish antenna  offset feed or prime focus

Choosing the wrong antenna (dish) size can result in much higher monthly bandwidth fees. Often a savvy client will pay more for the equipment at the beginning, knowing that their lower monthly bandwidth costs will pay back their original investment in a few months.  3.8 offset - 2.4 - 4 meter 5 meter RX TX Dish - Large Satellite






A fast look at the service carrier plans - subscription rates: Sample Bandwidth order form IP: Sample Bandwidth order form Hughes:

See: Large Satellite See: Medium Satellite See: Small Satellite

Communications satellite-Wikipedia Telecommunication-Wikipedia  Broadcasting-Wikipedia Antennas-Wikipedia Parabolic-Wikipedia Satellite Dish-Wikipedia Satellite broadband - Two-way satellite communication. Global Satellite Internet - Maritime broadband Internet  and phone service via satellite (VOIP) Platforms: LinkStar, Gilat, Spacenet, Starband,  Iridium,  Inmarsat, BGAN and others. HLS Adaptive Bitrate Streaming-Wikipedia

 Portable Satellite Dish - Automatic Satellite System - Tri-Bands and more.

 Mobile and Portable VSAT SNGs - Flyaway Mobile and Portable ODU (outdoor unit) Deployable Communications Satellite Systems - Instant on Internet - Push button automatic Internet dish systems. 

Broadcast Vehicle - Satellite up-link trailer - Video production transportable - Pull Along - Collapsible - Portable mobile units and flyways-Wikipedia

 Satellite Tracks and Trailers


 Self aiming automatc satellite alignment dish system Fold down collapsible satellite dish antennas. Vehicle mounted, ground mounted or case based.  Quick deploy terminals. Broadcast uplink terminals. Collapsible self aiming automatic alignment system.

Auto-pointing controller units, fixed units, fly-away portable units and mobile vehicle-based units. To ensure optimal dish alignment- choose the auto-pointing controller system.

See: RX/TX Section 

 Tri-pod Fly Away Satellite System

Multi-Purpose satellite communications trailer

In motion or fixed satellite terminals. Instant on Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere in the world satellite connectivity.  Transportable dish in a case. Flyaway antenna systems.  Airport baggage checkable    

Airport baggage checkable collapsible flyaway systems.


Instant communications portals

 Broadcast SNG Vehicles - Van, Truck or Trailer

Watch the Video Broadcast Vehicles - Satellite up-link vehicles - Production vehicle - Video production truck and Vans-Wikipedia

See: BUC's




Land, air and sea based portable and in-motion internet & phone systems. Fixed land-based antennas and in-motion motorized dual axes units. Receive and Transmit. See sample transportable quotes: 1 2 3 4  


Fixed - Mobile - Portable VSAT Satellite Dish System



See: Mobile Satellite See: Portable Satellite See: Automatic Satellite
RV - Camper - Bus - Truck - Boat - Train - Plane - Van - SUV - Rugged Deploy - Terminals - Collapsible collapsible satellite dish antennas. Vehicle mounted, ground mounted or case based.  Quick deploy terminals. Broadcast SNG uplink terminals. Fold down Self aiming automatic satellite alignment dish system. Satellite trucks and trailers. SNG-Wikipedia



 BUC (Block Up Converter) Better Satellite Internet ODU (outdoor unit)-Wikipedia

component. (Up converter, down converter, Power Amplifier and Low Noise Amplifier). We carry a full line of microwave passive components.

Low Noise Blocks (LNB)



 BUC TWTA SSPA 250 watt 400 watt SSPA

 C and Ku Band PLL LNB X-Band and Ka Also  Phase Locked Loop




RX/TX fs RF Transceiver LNA LNB BUC Waveguide feed horn, RF Transceiver, LNA, Power amplifier. 


Information about satellite terms & components.

System Components:

 Fastest Home Satellite Internet IDU (Indoor unit)-Wikipedia   High speed broadband satellite internet anywhere in the U.S

The IDU refers to the inside gateway components. modem, switches, routers, VOIP telephones, Wi-Fi access points, filtering devices and packet shapers. IDU (Indoor unit)  (MUX / DEMUX, EDU, Modem, EPABX, LAN, and Routers).

 Better Satellite Internet     

The most common bands for commercial VSAT applications are: C-band, Ku-band and Ka-band. See point-to point, point-to-multipoint set up instructions.


Information about satellite frequencies.

Satellite frequency-Wikipedia

  • L-band (1–2 GHz)
  • S-band (2–4 GHz)
  • C-band (4–8 GHz) 
  • X-band (8–12 GHz)
  • Ku-band (12–18 GHz) 
  • K-band (18–26 GHz)
  • Ka-band (26–40 GHz)
  • Millimeter-band (40+GHz)

Satellite Modem

 Modem - idirect, HughesNet, exede, Modem Satellite

Consumer grade satellite modems typically employ either the DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification)-Wikipedia or WiMAX World Interoperability for Microwave Access-Wikipedia A network typically consists of a larger earth station, commonly referred to as a teleport, with hub equipment at one end and a Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) antenna with remote equipment at the other end.



Information about satellite bands.

Satellite Bands-Wikipedia

See: PLL LNB See: BUC SSPA TWTA See: Modem
Standard C-Band (3.7-4.2 GHz) Ku-Band (10.7-12.75 GHz) C Band: Uplink- 5.925 to 6.425 Downlink- 3.700 to 4.200 - Extended C Band- Uplink- 6.725 to 7.025 Downlink- 4.500 to 4.800 Ku Band - Uplink- 14.000 to 14.500 Downlink- 10.950 to 11.700 : Klystron-Wikipedia Satellite Modem-Wikipedia


 Feedhorn Wave guide Flange Twist bend OMT Terminator


ODU (outdoor unit)-Wikipedia  component.

 Satellite Servo Motor for your feedhorn Waveguide, Bends, Couplers, Twists, Filters, Feedhorns, Terminators, Potentiometers, Transceivers, Duplexers and more.

Feedhorn and Waveguide components

  Waveguide to connector COAX N SMA

Offset Dish - The dish is egg- shaped. Taller than it is wide and uses an offset feedhorn.

Elliptical Dish - Egg-shaped sideways. The dish is wider than it is tall and uses an elliptical feedhorn.

Prime Focus Dish - The dish is perfectly round, same width as height and uses a prime focus feedhorn.

Polarization Motor, Interface: Potentiometer - Servo,  Waveguide, Flange. 

Information about the common terms and system components.

Bends - H-Bend and E-Bends Flexible Waveguide, Rectangular Flexible/Twistable waveguide couplers 90 Bend

Terminator plate - Flange Cover plate

Flexible/Twistable waveguide

Gaskets Bolt packs O-Rings

Rotary Joints


Two-port and four-port feed versions. Linear Cross Pol Monopulse Comparators.  

TI Filter - Pressurized and Unpressurized Interference Filters, Optimized Scalar Ring Standard Frequency Bandwidth Dual Linear and Dual Circular Polarizations available. 

 Waveguide Filters - Terrestrial Interference Filter


Information about the common terms and system components.

Terminator Plate - Flange Cover Plate Satellite Vehicles - SatTrucks - Trailers - Transportable - Pull Along - Collapsible - Portable Satellite Systems. 

 Feed cover plate &  Flexible Twistable waveguide Includes Gasket and Hardware

FLANGE Type - Connecting COUPLING ports Waveguide to Connecter - FITTING Type


Waveguide Flange type-Wikipedia

  • Connector types: 
  • SMA, N, and F
  • WR-75
  • C-120
  • WR-137
  • WR-159
  • WR-42
  • WR-46
  • WR-75
  • WR-112
  • WR-187
  • WR-229

Do you need groove type or flat with no groove? and connector type?

CROSS POL = TX and RX are on different polarities.

COL POL = TX and RX are on the same polarities.

Waveguide Filters-Wikipedia TI - Interference Filter-Wikipedia
See: Feedhorn See: Waveguide Section  See: Rx/Tx Feedhorn
Ka Rx/Tx Dual cir pol feed 4 port. Tx(28.35 – 30 GHz ) Simultaneous LHCP and RHCP Flange WR29 Rx(18.3-20.2 GHz) LHCP Flange WR42 Crosspol >30db isolation OMT, Transceiver, Monopulse Comparator, Flexible/Twistable waveguide, Directional Coupler, Cross Guide Couplers, potentiometer feedback, Optimized Scalar Ring, Polarization motor Horizontal, Vertical and circular polarity. Feedhorn Parts. HLS Adaptive Bitrate Streaming-Wikipedia


 Satellite and Broadband Parts and Products


 HLS Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
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