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One of the most often asked questions in the tech department at SatelliteDish.com is "What is the master password?".

WARNING: this will clear the memory of your receiver !

General Instrument 4DTV ------------- Options 6,778,7,accept
General Instrumen (other) ------------- 92121

Echostar/HTS series ------------------- MAST,222-6903,790-7878
HTS 40-70/ Echo 400-600 ------------- menu 63 8472 then hit 4 Enter.
HTS VIII+ (old software)---------------6-3-4-7-9-0-7-8-7-8-SAT/ENTER
                 (new software)---------------6-3-8-4-7-2-5- SAT/ENTER
Uniden PS-600XL or PS-1000 -------- 8570
Uniden UST-4400 Super --------------- 3315
Uniden UST-4500/4600/4900 --------- 3573
Supra/Ultra/ & all the SQ -------------- 3573
Uniden 4800 & 4800+ ----------------- 4700

Chaparral ------------------------------- 2345

Toshiba --------------------------------- 1048

DX -------------------------------------- ABCE

Satellite Receiver Manuals

Installing a Mesh Satellite Dish - 42meg .pdf   - Download it so you have a copy - How o Install a large motorized satellite dish.

 SatelliteDish.com - Engineering Dish Wind.Satellite Engineer Drawings and Wind Load calculations. Sat dish engineering wind specifications. - click here.

Electrical Grounding 

We service all makes and models Service@SatelliteDish.com

Best Satellite Locator find Azimuth and Elevation  on any Satellite from anywhere.  Just point and click.    http://www.lyngsat.com/tracker/america.shtml

FTA - channel list
Listing of all C-Band Changes
Listing of all satellites and transponders

DiSEqC and 22KHz switch configuration. - How To Hookup DiSEqC switch

DishPro Switch Instructions quick setup guide       See small dish tech support.

FAST US chart

Satellite Chart - Chart the satellite orbital positions.

Dish tracking chart satellite positions 


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