Elliptical Dish - Star Choice Larger Dish - HDTV Dish - We Have Lager Dishes with Skew adjustment for Multi Satellite reception HD Dish Hawaii Dish Alaska HD Dish.

Elliptical Dish - Multi Satellite Dish with SkewComes with 4 LNB holder

Multi-Sat Dish Antenna
●Bring lifetime better and funny.
●Specification: Antenna Height:46 cm
● Antenna Width:58 cm
● F/D ratio:0.6
● Focal Length:27.8 cm
● Offset Angle:23 degrees
● Antenna Gain:34.6 dB
● Pole Diameter:42 mm
●Dish designed to fit two or three LNBFs Simultaneously.
●The design of LNB arm could be folded.
●Dish material: Steel
●Finish of reflector: Polyester Powder Coating

Antenna Size: 46 CM
Reflector Optics: Offset
Offset Angle: 23
Aperture Efficiency




Larger 33" inch Elliptical dish with Skew 



Elliptical dish33" (80cm) Elliptical dish, galvanized steel w/ E2-rotational mount

80cm Multi Sat Dish Antenna

●Offset antenna with rolled-in edge to against deformation.

●Rigid and Strong mounting design and easy assembly.

●There are various stands for your installation at wall, ground, roof, railing, balustrade or slope.

●Dish material:Steel

●Finish of reflector:Polyester Powder Coating

●40mm of 3 LNB clamp is included. Any special size of LNB clamp is available to design for you.

Antenna Size: 80 CM
Reflector Optics: Offset
Offset Angle: 26.6
Aperture Efficiency

Multi Sat Dish Antenna



Large Dish 1.0 Meter and 1.2 Meter Hawaii Dish and Alaska Dish Available Please Call.     954-941-8883


36inch (85cm) Elliptical Dish in with 5-LNB Bracket 
36inch (85cm) Elliptical Dish in with 5-LNB Bracket

   36" inch dish with Skew adjustment  -  Multi Satellite antenna.

Multi-beam Antenna:  Multi Satellite Dish LNB Larger HDTV Star Choice DirecTV
Items & spec  (5 BEAM) 5 LNB Dish
Offset Angle 17.94
Aperture-Short Axis 75cm
Aperture-Long Axis 90cm
Focus Length 566.1 mm
KU-BAND Gain @12.45GHz 38.3 dB/37.6dB*
Elevation +10~+65
Azimuth 0~360
Efficiency 75% Min.
Finish Polyester Powder Coating
Color Crey/Cool Gray/DARK GRAY
Mounting Type Universal Mount
Pole Diameter Acceptable 42~60 mm
Ambient Temperature -40℃~+60℃
Relative Humidity 0~100%
Net/Gross Weight Single: 10.8/14.3Kgs ,2in1 :21.6/25.1Kgs
Material Steel

36inch (85cm) Elliptical Dish in with 5-LNB Bracket



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