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 Satellite Dish De-Ice Systems - Heaters - Covers - Camouflage - Protection

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Live StoreCamSTORECAM - Our live 24x7 cam. Live streaming video using satellite broadband. Look into the life of a satellite retailer. This cam usually sees action between 10:00am EST., and 6:00pm EST..  USA.

Norsat - Premium performance and reliability!

 Norsat LNB

 Norsat -  Low Noise Block (LNB) The industry’s best LO (Local Oscillator) stability.

RADOME - The cover you can't afford to be without!

 Radome, Covers and Custom built


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  Easy Peasy Satellite Squeezy:Wikipedia

 Complete Satellite Antenna Lineup - We truly have the Largest Selection.  Call Today 954-941-8883

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Satellite Dish Antennas - Welcome to - We specialize in the development, integration, sale, and distribution of satellite and broadband equipment. Our mission is to deliver the best value on the most trusted and recognized names in the industry while maintaining top priority customer satisfaction. We stock most equipment, ship world wide, and provide next day delivery if necessary. Our employees are well versed on all of our products and are ready to assist and advise on the best solutions.   SMATV-Wikipedia  -  TVRO-Wikipedia   -  Ground Station-Wikipedia   -  VSAT-Wikipedia

.  ASC Signal Dish     Prodelin Antenna     Andrew Antenna

  • The Largest Selection
  • VSAT -  RX/TX
  • TVRO Receive Only
  • Custom Built
  • Tracking / Positioning 
  • Full Spectrum Broadband
  • Telemetry Systems
  • Teleport & Uplink SAT
  • Export ISPM 15 stamped lumber available. 
  • Engineering / Wind load
  • Covers & De-Ice Systems
  • Mobile & Portable Antenna's 
  • FlyAway & Transportable
  • Air baggage Checkable
  • Feedhorn's - LNB's - BUC's
  • WaveGudes - Flexi -  Bends
  • Sealed Drawings
  • Actuators - Motors
  • Servos - Potentiometers 
  • OrthoMode Transducers
  • Satellite Parts
  • Block Up Converters
  • Transcoding
  • Rate Shaping

Wood crating for export ISPM 15 stamped lumber available.      Channel Master Satellites Dish Antenna      Actuators - Servos - VSAT - BUC - TWTA - SSPA - Feedhorns and more..


Parabolic-Wikipedia  Satellite Dish-Wikipedia General Dynamics, Thompson Saginaw, DH, Channel Master, Adtec Digital, K-Tech, Chaparral, Microwave Filter, Prodelin, ,   Andrew, Seavey Engineering, Skyware Global, Satcom,, Wade Antenna, Wegener plus many others. Supporting both HEVC compression and DVB-S2X modulation. 4K HDR programming. HLS Adaptive Bitrate Streaming-Wikipedia 

 Mounts Brackets Tripod Wall Mounts Pipe Extension Eve Struts Mono Poles

  J-Pipe Roof Mount Az/El Dish Mount Polar Dual Custom Poles       Fixed Motorized Satellite Mast - Tripod and Stands Wall Mounts and More...       Pole Extender Custom Solutions Basic Standard Dish Mounts

Mount & Hardware - Pipe Adapter and manufacturing Non-Penetrating Heavy Duty roof mounts. Non-penetrating Roof Mount adapter. W
ind load calculations.  Engineer Drawings. Converts 2" poles/ masts to 2 3/8" OD. Grade 5 Bolts, Galvanized. Pipe Extension Eve Mount Bracket Overhang Antenna Masts & J-Pipe Eave Mount Pipes 1.66", 2" & 2 3/8" Engineer Electrical Grounding and Wind load Calculations. Support Struts mono poles Railing Mount Camera roof mounts Wifi antenna Mounts, Large dish mounts     Az/El-Wikipedia  -  Polar-Wikipedia  -  Cassegrain-Wikipedia  -  Resolver-Wikipedia


  • Pole Extender J pipe
  • Non Pen Roof Mount
  • Wall Mount
  • Satellite Pole / Mast
  • Tripod Base Plate
  • Az/El Mount
  • Brackets
  • Polar Mount
  • Eve Mount
  • Roof Mount
  • Fixed - Motorized
  • Sled Tray
  • Custom Solutions 
  • Dual Axis Mount
  • King Post Pole
  • ParMount 
  • LNB Mount
  • Dish Mount
  • Portable System

Satelite Mount      Post Pole Pipe Mast Galvized Extesion Roof Mat - Pads       Microwave Celular Cover Drum Tower Section        

Roof Mount Rubber Roof Mat 2" O.D. with foot Adapter Plate Overhang Mount Universal Tower Mount Pipe Adapter Ground Poles are Galvanized G90

Broadcasting-Wikipedia  Antennas-Wikipedia 8VSB-Wikipedia 8PSK-Wikipedia DVB-S2-Wikipedia Baird Satellite Norsat, Research Concepts, Novra Technologies, ADL, DrecTV, ASKA, Tru-spec,,Rohn, GS, Channel Master, Motorola, Satellite broadband - Two-way satellite communication. Global Satellite Internet - Maritime broadband Internet  and phone service via satellite (VOIP)

 Residential & Commercial Product Distributor Florida Satellite Dealer

Need a few pieces of equipment? Get the items you need today! You'll quickly see that we have the largest selection on both residential and commercial products. We offer the best, most trusted and recognized brands in the industry.

       Arris Motorola DSR DigiCipher 2       Cisco PowerVu D9850 Scientific Atlanta Technicolor        FTA - DVB - S2 - 8PSK - Biss - Scopus - Radyne ComStream Receiver Digital  ADTEC         Modulator Upconverters Amplifiers DeMoulator Analog Digital

Helping thousands of residential, commercial, international, broadcasters, military, federal, state / local agencies and many more. Parts & Accessories. Equipment for the broadcast industry. Equipment for your home or business. Whether it's an art project, production prop, DOD research, architectural design, cooker, roof / hood, solar, experimental DIY, sound /energy, weapon, scientific, moon bounce, radio astronomy or other unique projects, we are here and committed to providing you with a friendly, timely and accurate solution.

Are you a broadcaster and need to get equipment to your viewers, affiliates, engineers, or resellers?   Digicipher--Wikipedia  - PowerVu-Wikipedia  -  DVB-Wikipedia  - FTA-Wikipedia 

  • Distribution
  • RF, IF, IP, Multi Band
  • MPEG2, MPEG4
  • 4K, HD, SD, S/S2
  • Multi Band Amplifiers
  • Fiber Optic Transport
  • Launch Amplifier
  • Modulators HD/SD
  • 8VSB/H265/SDI/DVB
  • Combiners/Joiners
  • Rack Parts/Accessories
  • Output SDI,  ASC ,IP
  • Link Optimization 
  • Power Inserter
  • Encoders/Decoders
  • Digicypher 
  • PowerVu
  • Biss - CAS
  • FTA - DVB - MP4 - USALS
  • IPTV - Network H265
  • Multi-Switch & Hubs
  • Positioner and controllers

 HEADEND PRODUCTS - Encryptor - Decrypter    Professional Satellite Receivers     Norsat LNB     

Headend Equipment - If there is anything we can help you with please let us know.

Communications satellite-Wikipedia  Telecommunication-Wikipedia  H265-Wikipedia  QAM-Wikipedia ARRIS, Amino, Cobham, Cisco Systems, Dish Network, Ericsson, Harmonic, Quintech, Radiant Communications, RL Drake,TAG Video Systems, Haivision Network Video. Migrate legacy ASI video outputs to an IP backbone. CAP-1000 Cherrypicker Application Platform. IP-centric platform. Transcode MPEG 2 to MPEG 4. Rate Shaping, Transcoding. Channel license sales. 

Military Grade CNC Satellite Modem Router Edge Catalyst WS-C3750V2-24TS-S

Network & Broadband 

All the networking essentials such as wireless routers, wireless access ... Business IT Products, Small Business Solutions, Broadcast Solutions, Network Engineering, Satellite Routers, Hubs, Switches, Modems and more. Distributor of computer networking equipment, terrestrial microwave antennas and supplies including: electronic automation controls & components.

Hub-Wikipedia  -  Switch-Wikipedia   -  Router-Wikipedia   -  Modem-Wikipedia

Switch Cisco Catalyst WS-C3750V2-24TS-S     Switch Cisco Catalyst WS-C3750-24TS-S ( 24 Ethernet 10/100 ports and two SFP uplinks )     iDirecT X5 Router 3100 5100 5300 5350 Satellite Modem   

  • IPTV, Modems, CAT5/6
  • Routers and Hubs
  • Switches Ethernet
  • USB - WiFi - BlueTooth
  • RX/TX - BUC - Transmitter
  • TWTA & SSPA Amps
  • Satellite Internet VPN
  • IR Networks (Infra-Red)
  • Serial port - RS232
  • Wifi Amplifier Booster
  • Bluetooth Amplifier
  • Portable - Flyaways
  • Vehicle Mount
  • Exeede - Direcway
  • RF (UHF)
  • Parallel Port
  • WLAN - LAN
  • Terminals
  • Modems i-Direct
  • Comtech
  • Cisco SA

DMD2050 and 2050E    USB HUBS Extenders POE and fiber ports      Call Today:  Discuss the possibility of providing  highly reliable internet and IT services for your projects .    

Emergency Disaster relief response systems. Easy deploy solutions. Satellite Truck and trailers Transportable quick deploy. Wholesale equipment hardware distributor of satellite supplies and network parts. Instant on satellite internet hotspots.

Satellite Internet-Wikipedia  Satellite Modem-Wikipedia  Teleport-Wikipedia Wood crating for export ISPM 15 stamped lumber available.  i-Direct, Inca Networks, Blonder Tongue, Computer Modules (DVEO), Starband, Evertz, Seatel, Teledyne Paradise Datacom, Comtech, Exeede, HughesNet, Upcom Technologies, Vecima,  KVH, Cisco, Arris and more. Supporting both HEVC compression and DVB-S2X modulation. 4K HDR programming. HLS Adaptive Bitrate Streaming-Wikipedia


 Satellite and Broadband Parts and Products

 Amps Booster RF IF USB Wifi RS232 BlueTooth Port Extenders
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