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 Satellite Camo - Heater - Cover


The Largest Selection     Satellite Dish Cover - Stop Snow and Ice.




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 Satellite Dish De-Ice Systems - Heaters - Covers - Camouflage - Protection

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RADOME - The cover you can't afford to be without!

Dish Covers - Prevent the loss of signal due to snow and ice.

 Large Dish Cover

 DirecTV Dish Cover  Dish Network Cover





























HEATER - The best solutions for preventing snow and ice build-up

 Dish Heater


 Dish Network

 IPTV Options

 Comcas t- Xfinity

Satellite Rock - The original Satellite Rock Cover!

 Dish Rock Cover

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  Covers and Heaters:Wikipedia


cellular point-to-multipoint, point-to-point and spread spectrum antenna cover .

 Radome Cover - Microwave Antenna CoverCOMMSCOPE Teglar radome and cellular point-to-multipoint, point-to-point and spread spectrum antenna cover systems. Easy to install - Watch a video of a tower radome replacement Video

MULTIBAND Series Microwave Antennas  

  • HSX Series Antennas
  • UHX & UMX Antennas
  • HP & HPX Antennas
  • SDH Antennas
  • High XPD Microwave Antennas
  • Alcatel Thomson CSF

 Cell Cover Radome -  microwave antenna coverSynchronous Digital Hierarchy-Wikipedia


Radom covers available for frequency bands from 1 to +31 GHz and EHF-Wikipedia


cellular point-to-multipoint, point-to-point and spread spectrum antennaMultiband band radomes are made from flexible planar, with a UV stable gray finish.  Radomes for standard antennas are manufactured of ABS plastic or fiberglass. They help reduce tower wind. Loading covers are an ideal way to provide additional protection. We have options for most antennas- Standard and focal plane antennas. Pre-tensioned radomes and Spring tensioned radomes Video

Radome cover - The highest level of protection for your dish antenna. Performance  light weight sturdy radome.

Satellite Dish Cover - Dual band Antenna Series - Cassegrain-Wikipedia

 Microwave Dish Cover Standard and special colors for microwave antenna radomes are listed in the table above. Compliant with U.S. FCC and U.S. FAA regulations. Custom molded radomes for other special applications are available upon request.
  • Mobility backhaul
  • Fixed BWA
  • Internet service
  • Telephony backhaul
  • Private network
  • Government network

 microwave antenna cover

Replacement radomes are available for most mobile and portable RV, bus, camper and marine units.

See: Cellular Dish Cover See: Radome Cover See: Antenna Cover

  Satellite Dish Cover


 Large Dish Cover

Large Satellite Dish Cover

We have a large selection of satellite dish covers and passive snow and ice solutions. Protect your dish from signal loss due to the build-up of snow and ice.

  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Ice
  • Wind
  • Blowing Sand and debri

  We manufacture dish covers-Wikipedia in every size. Our patters include antenna sizes that range from 20cm up to +7.5 Meter. Common manufactures includes  Patriot Antenna, Comtech, Harris, Prodelin, DH Satellite, ASC Signal, Superior, Channel Master, ASC Global, Raven, General Dynamics,  Winegard, Mesh Antennas and many others. Protect your dish from these elements.

DirecTV Dish CoverWe have DirecTV and Dish Network snow and ice covers. The highest level of a passive snow and ice covers on the market. DirecTV Slimline, Dish Network, TurboHD and other small DBS dish cover solutions. This standard gray cover is made of a  Stop the  snow and ice heavy duty 4-way stretch vinyl fabric for a tighter fit that guards against snow and ice buildup on your dish.


Small Satellite Dish Cover

  • DirecTV
  • Dish Network
  • Shaw / Star Choice
  • Bell ExpressVu / Bell TV 

 Custom Antenna Cover DBS & Custom Covers Colorful Designs, Patterns, Sizes and more. We can make a custom cover for you in any size to fit your needs. Full Dish Cover Fabric,  NFPA-701 Fire Compliant,  UV Stabilized,  Mildew Resistant, and -60F Cold Crack.  


 VSAT Covers

Meduim Dish Cover

VSAT - HTS Slightly larger dish antennas. HughesNet, WildBlue, Exede, Starband, ViaSat and other offset and prime focus antennas.



We offer a Goretx High quality and Heavy duty cover, Teglar cover, Hypalon cover Planar cover and PVC cover. These prevent snow and ice build-up and signal loss. We use UV stable threads on all stitching and stainless steel ratchet fasteners to provide you with the best passive solutions.

Call Today - Help prevent the loss of signal due to snow and ice. Extremely durable and cost effective. We also have other custom antenna covers and non parabolics. 

See: Satellite Dish Cover See: Custom Antenna Cover See: Large Dish Cover

 Satellite Dish Heater - Snow and Ice


Dish HeaterHeater

"It's like a big electric blanket for your satellite dish"

Large Dish Heater is a worldwide leader in active satellite dish climate control on both smaller DBS antennas and the larger dish antennas. Satellite Dish Heaters - Our snow and ice solutions.We offer the highest quality de-ice systems available on the market today. A heater is the best solutions for preventing snow and ice build-up on your satellite dish antenna.


Effective de-icing was observed down to the temperature of -25 degrees Celsius. 

Get the 100% solution!       Wikipedia

Eliminate snow and ice on the surface of the reflector - Active Satellite Dish Heater. Systems that are the 100% solution. 

Dish Heater - Your options can include - Thermostatic / Moisture Sensors, Forced Air Solutions,  Feedhorn Arm Defrosters, Shakers, and LNB Heaters.

 Dish Heater

Medium Dish Heater

Complete line of active satellite de-frosting snow and ice systems. They are custom fit to your satellite dish antenna. Available in 110 / 240 volt AC electric, natural gas, and propane, These dish heaters come equip with a built-in thermostat that turns on when the temperature falls below 35 degrees. 

 De-Frost Heater Satellite Dish

Satellite VSAT Antenna Heating-Wikipedia

Satellite TVRO Antenna Heating-Wikipedia



Small Dish Heater

 Satellite Heater Small Dish Heater -The best active solution on the market. 

DirecTV, Dish Network, Shaw, Bell, HughesNet, WildBlue, Exede, Starband, ViaSat, and other relatively small antennas.

 Dish Heater The self adhesive heating element sticks right to your satellite dish! Comes complete with power supply and a built-in sensor that turns the heater on in freezing conditions.

Stop the signal loss caused by the build up of snow and ice on your satellite dish.

Available Options:

  • 18 volts Power Supply

  • 24 volts Power Supply

  • LNB  Heater

  • Feed Arm Element

  • Shaker



See: Satellite Dish Heater See: Antenna Heater See: Satellite Heater

larger satellite dish antenna heaters - We have an active solution for your dish. Andrew / Channel Master / ASC Signal / Skyware Global  / Harris / DH / Patroit / Mesh type / Comtech / Prodelin / GDSATCOM /

  Satellite Camouflage - Hide your dish!


 Large Satellite Umbrella Cover CAMOUFLAGE 

Make your larger dish look like an umbrella.

Umbrella Covers

Call for available options and specifications. We are pioneers in the art of camouflaging satellite dishes.

Accessories and camouflage covering for the larger satellite dish antennas-Wikipedia


 The Amazing Dish Camo Plant Cover  Amazing "Dish Camo"

Makes your satellite dish look like a bush or shrub. Watch the DishCamo video "Going, Going.. Gone!"  Watch the Video


"I was less than 2 feet away and couldn't tell there was a dish there !"

"It's Amazing!" 

"My neighbors don't even know I have a dish."

 Dish Cover Patterns - Satellite Cover

We have the best camo patterns for concealing your satellite dish on the market today and we specialize in the art of camouflaging satellite dishes. There are several products to camouflage your dish: special patterns, laminated fabrics, molded composites, etc.

Make your  dish match the surroundings

For Special or Custom Orders, please e-mail or call. If you need a custom color or size they are available.

See: CAMO Cover See: Umbrella Cover See: Custom Cover
We also sell camo covers for the larger C-Band satellite dish antennas.

 Rocking the satellite Industry


 Satellite Dish Rock Cover - Call Today 954-941-8883Satellite Rock - The original Satellite Rock Cover !

We have been manufacturing satellite rock covers for more than 30 years. We have the #1 satellite rock cover in the world - these can be very expensive but well worth it. As they weather, they acquire a natural patina which is indistinguishable from a natural stone. 

 Tracking rocks. "Is that rock moving?"

We  also manufacture rock covers for the larger C-Band dishes. Ask about our larger satellite rock covers and our tracking rocks. "Is that rock moving?"  These rocks are also available in a dual axis tracking configuration?

Our boulders are realistic, waterproof, lightweight, and strong. The surface is colorfast and UV resistant.

 Custom Covers Dish Rock Satellite cover Satellite Rock Cover- If you need a custom color or size, they are available. 

Larger Rock Covers

Indistinguishable from a natural stone. Larger satellite rock covers, special orders, and custom rock covers- Call Today.

See: Satellite Rock Cover See: Satellite Dish Rock See: Dish Rock Cover


We are a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of satellite dish weather covers, snow & ice covers - heater systems and satellite camouflage covering. We have the finest solutions available today for nearly every satellite dish antenna on the market. These covers stop snow build-up signal loss. 

Residential and Commercial - Order yours today !  Easy & fast installation - you do not need to disassemble the antenna to install any of our systems.

We can design and manufacture any cover for your satellite needs. For Special or Custom Orders, please e-mail or call. You will need to provide relevant information such as the width, height and depth, etc.  Colorful designs, patterns, sizes and more.

 Satellite and Broadband Parts and Products


Satellite Rock CAMO Cover Snow and Ice buildup De-Ice
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