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HDTV signals are really quite simple to receive. First you need to have an HDTV television or monitor with an HDTV tuner or decoder. Most HDTV satellite receivers will decode the satellite HD signals as well as your local HD UHF/VHF broadcast signals. So with the HDTV satellite system and the triple LNBF dish ( Elliptical DirecTVplus satellite antenna )  you will be able to receive the satellite HDTV channels. What about your local UHF/VHF channels that broadcast in HDTV ? The satellite will not act as a local antenna. You will need a separate UHF/VHF local antenna to pull in the signals. You can use an old pair of "Rabbit Ears" but of course a regular element UHF/VHF antenna will yield better results. ( All depending on your direction and distance to the station towers. ) Their is no such thing as a separate or special HDTV antenna they all will work only some better than others. In fact, Theirs probably more HDTV channels on rabbit ears than there is on satellite and the picture is crystal clear. No such thing as a ghosting or snowy picture. It's digital ! ( It's ether their, Or not their... ) The UHF/VHF channels usually show up as "X-.1" or "X-A" depending on your tuner ( "X" is the normal channel number ) Here is a fast list of the HDTV local channels available in our area. Wow ! This list weighs in at a whopping 17 HDTV channels all for free. You pay nothing ! 

 South Florida local UHF/VHF HDTV channels.


DirecTV's HDTV - channels

Dish Networks HDTV - channels


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