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Satellite Meters, Finders, Field Strength Meters, Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzers. We have a very large selection of satellite alignment tools and signal meters. They range in price from $39.99 for a basic sat finder. Probably all you need,  to the full-blown satellite spectrum analyzer pro. Priced at a mere $3595.99  Need a screen shot ?  Do you know what DirecTV looks like on a spec-a ?  Having a bit of trouble finding T5, W1 or AMC1 or other ?  Call our office today our certified technicians can track in your dish in minutes.  FTA, Globe-Cast, V-Sat and more... Attention PROGRAMMERS why is there no printer/com port thing that takes a COAX / B&C connecter in -  then adds software that turns your laptop or computer into a full satellite frequency spectrum analyzer  

We need a satellite frequency spec-a software program.  I have found some audio spec-a software but surprisingly nothing in the satellite spectrum. more info here ...  Please make this software..


STORECAM -  Our live 24x7 cam      Yesterdays Page !
Play the Video !The amazing DishCamo - "Makes your satellite dish look like a bush or shrub !"  Attaches to Dish 500, DirecTVplus, or the standard 18" dish in seconds !  DishCamo video "Going, going, gone.."

You may need to update your media player to see this video.UPDATE HERE


Satellite Book - The first book you should read about satellite. The field of satellite communications can be very complex. The books that are normally available can easily drown a new comer in a sea of complex information. Easy to read and simple to understand it's a complete explanation technical reference.  (104 pages)

DirecTV the private war on Hackers

Tivo, Wink, OpenTV, Ultimate TV, HDTV, PVR and the industry.

Two way systems In motion internet Palm, PDA, Windows CE, Starband, AOLTV and the future.


Total eclipse of the FUN 

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