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Hooking up eight LNBFs to more than one receiver. Wow ! Commercial Portable Satellite Systems from the light weight VSATs to new and used Sat Trucks and Trailers. C, X, Ku, L-Band LNBs. Try a Commercial Stability or other PLL with a local oscillator of 5.15 and 10.75. Now in stock. A PLL Low Noise Blockdown Converter.

See an old USSB/ video from the1990's. This may take some time to load or require a media player update. (it's still encoded in the old old Emblaze or something...) Thank you for stopping in and if you have any questions please let us know. 

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Pansat  $ CAll

A list of legal channels you can receive

  4000-channel memory, skew control, automatic PAL/NTSC switching and built-in PIP channel list that lets you see the last channel while searching others. Parts & Accessories 4x1 DiSEq and more.. Please call 954-941-8883



STORECAM -  Our live 24x7 cam.  live streaming video using satellite Starband. Look into the life of a satellite retailer. This cam usually sees action between 10:00am EST., and 6:00pm EST..  USA.

DirecTV the private war on Hackers

Tivo, Wink, OpenTV, Ultimate TV, HDTV, PVR and the industry.

Two way systems In motion internet Palm, PDA, Windows CE, Starband, AOLTV and the future.


Total eclipse of the FUN 

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Florida  FTA  PLL, LNB low commercial stability feed KU portable Dealer and more...