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Trimersion - Head Mounted Display VR (HMD) - Ultimate HMD Completely wireless Video/Audio has tracking no drivers works like a mouse, has Gun that is really a keyboard. Again there are NO DRIVERS !! It's Plug and Play XP, Vista and more.. Please call  954-941-8883

We have these IN-STOCK as of 6-20-2009 we have 54 of them left they are new in box. Please call while supplies last. 

let me speak a bit about VR HMDs and Virtual Reality - I've had a Cybermax the 180k units and the 120,  I've had the Virtual IO units, I've had the Fortech w/the cyberpuck thingy - this is the best VR HMD that I've played with and I own 7 different kinds of VR units. BEATS ANY VR ON THE MARKET HANDS DOWN   even the z800 emagin. Totally wireless and No Drivers and supports all games and has the best price for a VR HMD on the market.  Order yours today - you'll love it.  954-941-8883


CALL TODAY  954-941-8883 - Trimersion - Head Mounted Display VR (HMD)

Trimersion - Head Mounted Display VR (HMD) - Ulatimatie HMD Completely wireless

$499.99 new in box

Designed as a wireless visor and gun controller, the Trimersion - Head Mounted Display (HMD) fits comfortably over the playerís head, eliminating the need for a mouse and keyboard, or gamepad controllers. Its cutting edge tracking technology not only gives First Person Shooter (FPS) gamers complete tactile control, but it also provides the visual immersion of being inside the game. Itís compatible with all computers and most gaming consoles, and best of all itís wireless, so you can really get into the game, without getting tangled up in wires! Unique head-tracking technology for a full 360 degree vision.

The Trimersion Wireless HMD brings advanced Virtual Reality to consumer games. From the designers of the theme park virtual reality rides have now designed a HMD for YOU! Trimersion HMD works in your home with your Xbox, Playstation 1 and 2, Game Cube, Macs and PCs to turn your favorite FPS games into a stunning immersive experiences.

Built-in Head Tracking - State of the art gyro head tracking unit built into the head set! Unique head-tracking technology for a full 360 degree vision.

Gun Input device - Get right into the game with the gun controller.

Immersive - A slick futuristic design with big screens and high resolution displays coupled with stereo sound provides complete immersion for a variety of applications.

Interactive - With head tracking at your finger tips, the Trimersion HMD can be freely oriented from side-to-side and up/down to provide a sense of control and interaction.

Adjustable - Built in volume, brightness, and contrast controls allow gamers to customize their immersive experience. An easy to use adjustable head strap can be tailored for comfort.

Plug and Play - No drivers are needed for your PC. Adapters are provided for use with Playstation and Xbox. Super easy!

Comprehensive - With Trimersion, you get a complete set of peripherals for the home that provides natural control of viewing direction, movement, weapon, and weapon selection for FPS games.

Trimersion - When you have to have VR!

Trimersion Head Mounted Display



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Trimersion VR Don’t miss your favorite TV show for an unwanted phone call. When the phone rings the TV Messenger automatically pops up the Caller ID info on the top of the TV screen without interrupting the program.It has a caller log that stores name, number, date, time and number of times they called. A red LED will light when there are callers in the log. If you subscribe to phone company voicemail, the LED will blink when messages are waiting. Standard version requires you to physically press a button on the unit to scroll through the caller log. The IR remote version comes with a 4-button remote that allows you to scroll and delete items in the log from the comfort of your sofa. The IR codes from this remote can be learned by most learning remotes. Additionally this version includes call waiting caller ID.

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