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StoreCam - 24x7 Live cam !  


SuperDishDish Network's SuperDish. Finally a single dish solution for Dish Network and HDTV. Any Ka-Internet yet ? How about a tracking dish with that FTA actuator coax deal ?  All large dishes are on sale ! (1.2 meter to 16' footers). Please call and take advantage of this offshore special. We stock all reflectors from inexpensive to commercial grade high gain antennas. Try your skill in Sat-Trek a space journey. You must peace together a complete satellite system.

STORECAM -  Our live 24x7 cam          Yesterdays Page


Play the Video !The amazing DishCamo - "Makes your satellite dish look like a bush or shrub !"  Attaches to Dish 500, DirecTVplus, or the standard 18" dish in seconds !  DishCamo video "Going, going, gone.."

You may need to update your media player to see this video.UPDATE HERE


Flat DISH -  The flat antennas are HERE ! Flat in design they operate in the Ku-band (frequency range: 10.7 - 12.7 GHz) and work with the more powerful satellites. (very cool) Ideal for use by RV's & campers (but kinda the same as a normal dish.) Extremely expensive and ever eluding flat array antennas are hard to find - We now have them in stock and if you simply must have one please call.



STORECAM -  Our live 24x7 cam.  live streaming video using satellite Starband. Look into the life of a satellite retailer. This cam usually sees action between 10:00am EST., and 6:00pm EST..  USA.



Total eclipse of the FUN 

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