Satellite Dish Covers - The Largest Selection.


Satellite Cover - Snow Dish Cover









Covers snow De-Icers and Dish systems









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Concealing The Unsightly with the Artificial Rock.   




 boulders are realistic, waterproof, lightweight, and strong. The surface is color fast and UV resistant. As they weather they acquire a natural patina, which is indistinguishable from a natural stone. Landscape boulders have a flange around the base so they can be covered into soil or ground cover for a semi-permanent installation. Their light weight allows them to be moved by one person for lawn mowing. To eliminate moving, a more classic application would be to place in a mulched bed.  #1 Rock in the country. Our boulders conceal the unsightly. Perfect for home owners associations. 

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Dish Rock





Satellite Dish Covers - The Largest Selection. Artificial Rocks come in different sizes and colors !


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Zoning Problem ?  No Problem.... Rock - It...  The best in the industry.




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